Who on earth could be so vain as to name a website after themselves?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Someone with a really great last name, that's who!

Hi, my name is Laura! My obsession with sewing started at the wee young age of about 4. I remember sitting on the couch, watching soaps with my mom, and hand sewing tiny little change purses for her out of her random fabric scraps.

this is me, age 5. shortly after I discovered my passion for hand sewing tiny change purses. i'm wearing my favorite jumper and dog socks (not pictured).

I had my own little sewing box shaped like a house, that I still have to this day and when i got older this turned into hand sewing dresses for myself that I would wear out and about. I would lay one of my store-bought dresses on the fabric and use that for my pattern. My mom wanted to encourage this craft, but also didn't want garments falling off me, so I enrolled in an after-school sewing class. Even though the pattern was a hideous pleated front pant with no back pockets, I was hooked! I pursued fashion design in college, but not at first. I was reluctant because I thought I would never find a job (pretty much true, especially in Michigan). I remember calling my Mom from the Wayne State student center because I was so unenthused about my classes…she said “Honey, follow your passion. Everything will work out, and have faith“…..and boom, just like that, I dropped all of my interior architecture classes, signed up for all fashion classes, and I never looked back. After the first semester, I was on the Deans list and after a year, I was President of the fashion design and merchandising club. I’m totally not saying all this to give myself a giant pat on the back, I’m simply agreeing with my Mom : have some faith in yourself, follow your passion and somehow the rest will fall into place.

Thank you Mom, for all of your nuggets of wisdom. I love you up in Heaven. xo, your fashion obsessed daughter.

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